Wholesale Shirt Laundry 셔츠 세탁공장

495 Mola Boulevard Unit10
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
TEL 201-796-8100 

A high-class service at very competitive prices.
All shirts are professionally laundered using quality detergents and starch.
They are then pressed on a state of the art machine which forms and shapes them to an as new finish.

They are then returned on a hanger in poly or box next day.

You will not find a better service from anyone!!

6500sq.ft. 넓고 깨끗한 공장에서 135LB세탁기계 3, 최신(2019) 바디기계 4 그리고 드라이어로 작업하고 있습니다.

We have three washing machines with capacity of 135lb, four NEW(2019)press machines and dryer at our big and clean workplace.

최상의 퀄러티 Best Quality

완벽한 터치업 Perfect Touch-ups

저렴한 가격 Good Price 

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